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About Cooking Sense

Cooking Sense is a unique event agency specialized in organizing and conducting cooking events and is the first of its kind hands on cookery school in the Middle East. It is not only a cookery school for all age groups but a place to learn healthy living starting with preparing the right food for your new born baby throughout all stages of human development. The school offers the full range of things to do and available in a kitchen such as cooking, baking, natural cosmetics from the kitchen, cooking with and for children, cooking as a corporate event, table decoration, business etiquette over a meal, special diets for certain diseases (diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.) The school organises classes in cooperation with consulting specialists: well known chefs, physicians, beauticians and etiquette consultants.

A major role plays the organizing of cooking classes as a corporate event. It offers training for high potentials (how to lead a successful business lunch) or brings closer different nationalities of large corporations through a unique environment and activity and therefore it is an excellent teambuilding activity and not to forget - pure fun.

Cooking Sense has established ties with associations and cooking schools around the world and will soon start an exchange program between these alliances to offer an interesting variety of activities. We work together with well known chefs from large hotels. All seminars will be held by highly qualified physicians, consultants and specialists.

Cooking Sense meets the high demand in starting new activities which are beneficial to your health and bring friends and family together for some quality time. Many young people would love to know how to cook or simply how to follow a healthier lifestyle. We will be providing the tools and stand by for new ideas in cooking and home entertainment. Beside our own classes we will provide a platform for everybody passionate about cooking and integrate cooking events around the region into our schedule.

An important role plays the cooking classes for companies. High potentials can meet in the 'kitchen' to get something done as a team work and prove their social competence and table manners during the corporate seminars. This is an excellent team building activity and way of getting to know each other.

Our course program will include the following classes:

Beginners classes for cooking and baking

Cuisines of the world

Cooking classes with children

Corporate cookery events

Traditional cooking of the Gulf

Arabic cooking

Special diets (Diabetes, high blood pressure, Cholesterol)

Product promotions

Special occasions

Cosmetics from the kitchen

Etiquette classes

Private parties (birthday, anniversary etc.)

and many more!



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