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Cooking with Friends

Cooking with Friends

This program is offered in the comfort of your own kitchen. Just invite upto 3 of your friends and experience the time of your life preparing a 3 course menu together. One of our instructors will help you mastering the preparations and give advice on table settings and decorations. After 3 hours in the kitchen you can enjoy a fabulous meal together. We will take care of all the shopping and make sure the food turns out the way it should. Just let us know what type of cuisine you would like to cook or discuss a specific menu with the instructor.


Time: By appointment only
Location: The class is currently available as a home teaching course only and takes place in the comfort of your own kitchen at home under the supervision of one of our instructors.
Duration: 3hours
Fee: 1200 AED including ingredients and recipes for upto 4 participants, every additional participant 200 AED

For more information please contact: info@cooking-sense.com



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