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Our Cooking Classes

Our course program includes a large variety of different classes. Take a look at our Schedule of upcoming classes. Book your special cooking class now!

Arabic Cooking

Very often Lebanese cuisine is known as "The Arabic cooking" but there are many more delicacies to discover around the Arabic world from North Africa to the Middle East. We are continuously on the look out for original recipes from around the Arabic region and you are most welcome to send us your very own family recipe to share with our participants. Each class will focus on traditional dishes of a certain Arabic region/ country and will introduce special customs and traditions of each region. The class is followed by a traditional meal including traditional drinks. Every participant takes home the original recipes and a small gift.

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Basic Baking

Baking is a very easy thing once you know what to look out for. In a set of five classes we will introduce the basic dough and prepare different types of breads and cakes. Every class focuses on a certain topic and therefore can be chosen as a single course or as a set of five. Every course includes as much cake you can eat fresh from the oven and unlimited freshly brewed coffee or tea.

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Basic Cooking

For those of you who are absolute new to kitchen work and would like to give it a try to surprise family and friends this is the right course to chose. Every class focuses on a certain topic and therefore can be chosen as a single course or as a set of five. Every course includes a meal which will be prepared by all participants.

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Cooking Classes with Children - Minichefs

Our Minichefs will discover the fun in healthy cooking and eating with all senses. Together with the children we cook easy to prepare recipes which than can be easily cooked at home. Tailor-made classes for children of different age groups can be organized by appointment. All classes include ingredients, recipes and a small meal or a tasting session in the end of the class.

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Cooking with Friends

This program is offered in the comfort of your own kitchen. Just invite upto 3 of your friends and experience the time of your life preparing a 3 course menu together. One of our instructors will help you mastering the preparations and give advice on table settings and decorations. After 3 hours in the kitchen you can enjoy a fabulous meal together. We will take care of all the shopping and make sure the food turns out the way it should. Just let us know what type of cuisine you would like to cook or discuss a specific menu with the instructor.

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Cookyourown in 30 Minutes

Join us for a delicious home cooked lunch prepared by yourself in less than 30 Minutes and enjoy a lunch break of a new dimension together with your colleagues. Give us a call half an hour before and we make sure you get a seat and a chance to cook with us. All ingredients are well prepared by our staff and you can concentrate on your cooking and enjoy your very own creation. Two course lunch including a soft drink.

Cuisines of the World

Chefs from different first class restaurants from around the region will give out a few of their secrets and introduce participants to the flavours of the world from Arabic to ... cooking. The course includes a 3 course meal and all soft drinks. Every participant receives a small gift and all recipes.

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My new Life

In cooperation with Kathleen Farren (Nutritionist) we bring you this program to helping you in starting a new healthier lifestyle. You are constantly on the run, no time to spare for a healthy lunch or a nutritious snack? We would like to show you how simple changes can lead to a healthier way of living. This program consists of different parts and we work according to your schedule. It includes the professional advice from Nutritionist Kathleen Farren and the instructors from Cooking Sense will teach you how to put this into practice. We go with you on a supermarket tour, clear out the junk food in your fridge and show you in your very own kitchen how to prepare quick and healthy meals. This program also targets people struggeling with food intolerances and allergies or special conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high colesterol etc.

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Special Occasions

The year is full of special days and we will show you how to put a smile on everybody's face with very little effort and make this day something to remember. Learn to prepare the right gift in your kitchen and the matching decoration to every occasion. We will cook, bake and create your dream occasion from wedding anniversaries, children's birthday parties, Christmas Eve, Easter, Diwali to Eid and much more. Take home the recipes and lots of new ideas.

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Traditional cooking of the Gulf

Due to the high interest in original cookery of the Gulf we have created in cooperation with the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding a very special class for those who would like to learn more not only about the food but the customs and traditions of the region. Dive into the culture which surrounds you with all your senses. Participants will prepare original local dishes together with our chef. The class is followed by a meal including all soft drinks. Every participant takes home the original recipes and a small gift.

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